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Designed for children ages 4 and older, Science Made Fun of Denver provides hands-on Sizzlin' Science parties where each child becomes a REAL scientist performing REAL experiments! The Scientist who comes into your home or party location is a professional who works year round fueling the imaginations of children in your local area elementary schools. The Sizzlin' Science parties combine our most exciting experiments to create FUN science memories that will last a lifetime.

Scroll down to see our full list of Sizzlin' Science Party themes, pricing and FAQ.

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

Party Packages Include

  • A Scientist that comes to your party location
  • A fun filled science adventure
  • All science supplies and materials
  • Participation for the birthday child and up to 14* friends
  • Take-home experiments for each child
  • Certificate of participation for each child
  • Special science gift for the birthday child

* There is a $15 fee for each additional child to cover materials and a second Scientist. All parties are subject to a $20 travel fee

Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

Birthday Party Themes and Pricing

NOTE: The duration of your Sizzlin' Science Party will depend on the program(s) selected. Most are set to take 75 to 90 minutes, however add-ons typically increase the time in 15 minute increments.

#1 Super Science Party ($200)

Mix up some space mud, take an ice cube fishing expedition, make a volcano erupt and create yummy gummy candies!

#2 Hair Raising Party ($230)

Mix up some space mud, make a volcano erupt and create yummy gummy candies before experiencing an electrifying, hair raising event!

#3 Panning For Gems Party ($300)

Pan for gemstones like a real old timey prospector, mix up some space mud, make a volcano erupt and create yummy gummy candies!

#4 Crazy Chemistry Party ($250)

Create icky sticky slime, mix up some space mud, take an ice cube fishing expedition and experiment with super absorbent powder!

#5 Fossil Fun Party ($300)

Observe and handle real fossils before making your own fossil replica. Cause a volcano to erupt and pan for gemstones that you get to keep!

Exciting extras to add to any party package:

Fossil Fun ($30.00)
Panning for Gems ($40.00)
Gummy Candies ($15.00)
Birthday Party Goody Bag^ ($7.00 each).

  • Cup of gelatin with pipette and instructions
  • Solar beads and instructions
  • Canister with lava rock, mini magnifying glass
  • Volcano instructions
  • Bug-eye viewer
  • Space mud recipe
  • Jelly beans in petri dish
  • Pencil or pen

^substitutions may be made if items are not available


Reservations are required and must be accompanied by a $50 deposit to hold the requested day and time of your party.


NOTE: Science Made Fun of Denver is also available to provide hands-on science FUN for company picnics, special events, take your child to work day, parents night out, holidays, camps and corporate events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time should I tell my guests to arrive and what time will the Scientist arrive?
A: Please have your guests arrive at least 15 minutes before our session is to begin. Very often guests are late and we do not want to leave anyone out of the FUN. Our Scientist will arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the session begins. As long as there is a clear space available (preferably a table) the set-up for our activities is minimal and only takes a few minutes

Q: Where should we have the party?
A:Our party activities can be done nearly anywhere, including your home, a park or a rented space. Some of the experiments can be rather messy, so it can be useful to be outdoors or in a garage if possible. The Scientist will need to know if a water source is available for use as we will need to bring some if not (no worries, we can do it, we just need to know).

Q: What about my adult guests?
A: We love parents and encourage them to attend. However, you may want to have an area for them to socialize. When parents crowd around the tables it is distracting to the children and can make it difficult for our Scientist to conduct the planned activities.

Science Programs for Kids


Join in experimentation that challenges student problem solving skills!

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